What do you know about autoresponder?
An autoresponder is an email system that allows you to tell it what emails to send out and when.In other words it is Sequential automated email system.

You may write emails you want it to send,tell it the timeframe to send each email out,then you get people to either send a blank email to your autoresponders email address,complete a form on your site or click on a button that automatically sends your email address to the responder which starts the sequence.

The nice thing about autoresponder is that it works for you 24 hours and the bad thing about autoresponder is that it is much more like "stupid email system".It can capture name,locations and other information,which then can be used in your responder to personalize emails to thousands of people.

Later i'll talk more about how personalizing emails to people that will increase your sales ratios.
You may also ask why you should use an autoresponder.(for noob)

We discuss this later.^^

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