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Why ping??As you all know every search engines will send their spider to your site on a regular basis. They make a schedule to visits your website based on the size of your website and how often it appears to be updated.Thus it very important to updated your site at least 2 times a day. However, if you want to send a message to them letting them know you have updated your site, then you can do something called “pinging.” Pinging, in this context, is simply sending a code string to the search engines which says “hey come look at my site again, it’s updated, and I want it indexed again.”

All you have to do to ping the search engines is to go to a ping website, enter the URL of your blog, check the boxes of where you want to ping (generally do all of them) and then click “Ping.” It really is that simple and quick. You can check this out

-Put your title,blog URL and XML feed(if you're use blogspot then your URL feed would be like this http://your URL and click go pingout.Easy right!!

I advisable you to ping each time you update your blog, or each week at least. This makes sure your site is getting crawl by the search engines and make it being indexed as fast as possible.^^.

Use the high PR sites below to get their backlink.

1. (PR8)
2. (PR8)
3. (PR7)
4. (PR7)
5. (PR7)
6. (PR9)

i.e: (PR8)

1)join digg

2)log in and click Submit New.Paste your URL site or blog.

3)Fill in the information that require about your article and click submit.Whoever that attracted to your article
will read through the article and will probably visited your site.They'll digg your article if they like it.More digg you get
they more possibility your article will shown at the first page.

Don't forget to put your keyword at "story title" and "story description".Choose the right category,fill the captcha word and click submit
By doing this first you'll get the backlink from that have PR8 and secondly you'll also get visitor who like your submitted story

4)Story Comment
This method will also help you to get backlink from digg.Give your comment on the story that was submitted last year(356 days) as shown below.

5)Don't forget to paste along your URL at the end of your comment and remember don't ever do SPAM.You may also add more friends on digg and always participate on their discussion. (PR8)

You also can register at and submit your URL to reddit that have Page Rank(PR)8.Make sure to put your keyword at title.

Do the same technic for (PR6),, (PR9) and

Do it yourself^^.

Here I have list out some other Referral Networks which have potentials to earn more revenue for your site and blog.

They provides CPC, CPS, Text Links, Inline Ads etc.. They have some good referral program also.

It provides CPS (Commission per Sale) Ads. Mainly targeted for Product Sales.

CPA/CPC/CPM Based Advertising Network. They Pays really well.

It’s probably the most used referral program in Adsense. You can try this one. It gives credit for each new download.

Performancing Ads
Earn from selling adspace on your site.

Market Health
Market and promote the world’s leading Health and Beauty Affiliate Program and make 5% of all referred webmasters.

CPA/Sale based referral program. Pays as much as 15% per sale.

Commission Junction(CJ).
It’s an Affiliate Marketing Networks site. Mainly CPA and PPS Campaigns from Advertisers.

Shopping Ads
CPA based EBay affiliate program.

CPA or % of Sale

Text Link Ads
Earn revenue by selling Text Links on your site/blog

Earn revenue by selling Text Links on your site/blog

Earn revenue by selling Text Links on your site/blog

CPA/CPC/CPM, Inline Ads, Text Links, Full Page Ads etc.

Here are also the list of adsense alternatives for the benefit of adsense banned webmasters.Hope it may help you.

1)*AdBrite-This is new concept of advertising where you put the adbrite code on your site and if anyone signs up to advertise on your site you get the ads. Though it does not sound very attractive the rates look quite attractive but it’s you who should be sending the webmasters to the adbrite to maintain your advertising space.
4)Adgenta QAds
10)Adlink Media
14)ADSDAQ Ad Exchange
24)Ampira Media
25)Anastasia International
26)Auction Ads
27)AVN Ads
33)*Bidvertiser-Nothing special about the CPC advertising on Bidvertiser but what is attractive to it is it has very low minimum amount payable and they pay through paypal and minimum payout amount is $10.
As you can be seeing after going through the review of so many ad network now it’s becoming more and more predictable as to what will be the review of the next ad network and so I will not be doing all with myself and leave something for you to invent. I provide some list of ad network and its up to you to invent if anyone of them best fit for your requirements.
34)Black Label Ads
40)Casale Media
42)*Chitika-Chitika has one great thing and it is the looks of the ads. It’s unique and has a very good tabbed browsing effect for the ads that are displayed. Other than that what I have experienced is they have a very low CPC probably because mostly the ads are from amazon or from ebay affiliates.
48)*Clicksor-Clicksor is one of the best for your website after adsense and YPN with its unique feature of text links which has a very good click through ratios. They mentioned on there site that they pay 70% of the profit share from your site which is increased to 85% for the webmasters you refer directly. But the referral scheme is not very attractive like Google adsense but it has very short earning.
51)CNet Shopper
52)Commission Junction
53)Commission Monster
54)Copernic Media
56)CPX Interactive
60)Dragon Media Online
62)Enhance Interactive
63)eType Europe
64)eType USA
66)Fair Ads Network
67)Federated Media
70)Gorilla Nation
71)Her Agency
77)*Intellitxt-Vibrant Media’s IntelliTxt is one of the most impressive ad networks for webmasters as it has very unique features of converting the text of the output into a special link which displays advertiser’s message when the user moves the mouse over the advertising link and if you have good content rich site this one is the best for you. The other advantage of it is being it does not occupy any space on the pages.
88)Microsoft adCenter
106)Premium Network
109)Pulse 360
110)Quigo AdSonar
112)Real Media
113)RealCast Media
114)Revenue Science
119)Robert Sherman Company
120)ROI Rocket
124)Sponsored Reviews
125)Strategic Affiliates
126)Text Link Ads
127)Textads Dot Biz
130)Trade Doubler
131)Traffic Marketplace
132)Tremor Media
134)Tribal Fusion
138)ValueClick Media
140)Vibrant Media SmartAds
141)Vizu Polls
143)Web Advertising
147)*Yahoo Publisher Network-Yahoo in competition with Google has launched its new ad service called yahoo publisher and biggest disadvantage of it as of now is it’s only for persons having valid SSN no. They are planning to be going it for the others as well but for the time being its only for USA guys only.

(*)those that are most recommended
p/s: please let me know if i miss out other good alternative adsense.^^.

We have arrive at this stage in which i will list out several available tools on net to "seo" your site.These tools are very impressive statistics and information to help you optimize your website, analyze search engine positions, research your competitors, and lots of other things.

There are two significant ways in which you can use these free online SEO tools.First if you are new in SEO these tools can provide you excellent insight on how a website is performing and ranking. You can also use them to highlight issues and trends with your website and provide indicators for where optimization work is necessary.Second way is If you've had some experience with SEO, these tools will act as a complement to the more specialized SEO tools, like WebPosition Gold or SpyderOpts. You can also use them to supplement an SEO's internal knowledge base and experience.

Here I'll list out some tools for both new SEO users and more experience SEO users:

Search Engine Optimization Tool
I give 5 stars fot this tool. This tool use to tests the performance of your web site by computing and analyzing a page within important criteria such as title and content of your site.After that it would ranks yours page against the criteria that many of the top search engines use. Beside that, it also provides some SEO advice to improve your overall ranking in the search engine. The report it puts out is well laid out and easy to read.

Keyword Research Tool
You may use this tool to research an appropriate words and phrases to include in your webpage’s body text so that you'll have lest competitors and will be rank higher. What you need to do is just enter the word or phrase you want to be found under, then the tool suggests additional words and phrases for you to consider using. You also have the option to select from a range of top search engines, e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Teoma, etc.

Keyword Analyser Tool
Keyword Analyser Tool will read the body of your page and give you a report on what words are used and how many times they are used. Since most engines rank sites depending on that site's keyword density (which typically ranges between 3% and 9%), this is a really good tool to have.

Search Engine Position Checker Tool
This tool checks to see if your website appears in the first fifty results in major search engines for your designated keyword or phrase. If your URL is present, the tool outputs what position it occupies. This tool also lets you know if any other URLs from your domain appear in the search results.

Link Popularity Tool
This tool will measure the total number of links or "votes" that a search engine finds for your website. One of the best feature is that besides tabulating data, it also produces a very cool graph of the resulting data. One other nice feature is the ability to compare your website to your competitors to help you with your overall marketing strategy.

Meta Tag Generator
This automatically generates a Meta Keyword tag by reading the page you specify, removing common words from it, and picking the most used words on the page. Extra weight is given to words in a heading tag (etc.)

Search Term Suggestion Tool
This one tells you how many times a certain keyword was searched for at It will also show all related searches for that keyword. It's a good thing to use to determine search frequency among related keyword phrases

do it by yourself and see the improvement of your traffic.^^.

Do you ever realize that you can earn huge money with affiliate programs??Have you trying and the result just disappointing you?Well,today i just want to share some simple method on how you can increase your profit with affiliate programs.Before that, there are some Affiliate programs you should join before continuing with my method:

1) the most popular in digital product)

2) in brick and mortal merchants)

3) on physical product)

4) and others

Even though there are many affiliate programs that you can join but mainly i use clickbank product affiliate along with my method. Of course you can promote many products by using this method but from my experience Clickbank and PayDotCom products pay some of the highest commision around,so i urge you to start with them.^^

You must noticed that not all types of products are suitable using this method.Later on i'll tell you more on how to select the best product to promote that will greatly improve your chances in making money with affiliate programs.

The Fastest Affiliate Profit??
Well,to be honest this is not a new method or some kind of secret method.It's certainly not get-rich-scheme.But it has the potential to yield nice profit if you do it rightly.

As you all know

No traffic = No visitors= No sales

There are no point to joint many affiliate programs but you don't have enough traffic to promote your affiliate links.Worse of all,Pay Per Click advertising like adwords is getting more expensive and
competitive by the day.So as i was exploring new ways of advertising,I discovered this little
great company namely Rent-a-List.

So What is Rent-a-List all about?
Rent-a-List is a multiple Stream Media,LCC.owner of is based in New York.Multiple Stream
Media provides a variety of services to internet business community.Because there've been involved with the interactive advertising industry literally
since Day One, and because they remain at the center of a community of over 16,100+, advertisers, publishers & vendors, they are in a unique position to assist you with your promotional needs.
So that a little bit about Rent-a-LIst company.To learn more about this company click here.

How it may help you??
What you should do is to buy targeted advertisement to their subscribers.These subscribers have opted-in to receive emails from Rent-a-List,and they get paid for every email they read.Right by here you may thought that
this paid-to-read emails never work.usually I'd agree with you but the fact is this company has some very responsive subscribers.that's how i was able to make over $1000 advertising through them alone.^^

And here are the simple steps to set up a targeted email advertising campaingn with Rent-a-List:

Step 1:Select an affiliate product you'd like to promote

Step 2:Write simple ads for your Rent-a-List Campaigns

Step 3:Purchase Targeted Advertising from Rent-a-List

Step 4:Choose your target audience

Step 5:Track your campaign and see how much you've made

Even thought these step sound simple,you'd still need to put in a little effort to make sure you get the most out of your campaigns.^^.

Today i'll explain a little bit on how to get start with Google Adsense.A lot of people out there use to ask me on how they can make money with adsense.
I'm always happy to help them, but sadly many of these people didn't even have a website.
Here's the facts that these people and you may have to know:to make money with adsense, you've got to have at least a website.There's no getting without this.
The bad news is that it's never been easier to create a website from scratch and use it to generate real revenue.Make website that is copy cat or duplicate another website is just doesn't make sense.But never mind today I'm going to help those people on how to create a website from the ground up.

1)Choosing domain name for your website

The first thing your website need is a name.That's easier said than doen these days.All the simple words have either already been built by developers or they've been bought and offered by speculators.
But that doesn't mean you can't create a good name for your website.Putting 2 or 3 words together with a root can work like and there are plenty of good names available if you're
prepared to move outside the world of .com into .biz or .net

Then You can register your new domain name and order a hosting plan.One of best sites to do this is Globat.They frequently offer excellent specials,such as free or reduced hosting for a year.Click here to see their latest offer.

2)Choosing Your Hosting Service

Your website is going to be stored on a hosting company's server.There are lots of different options available depending on how much you want to pay and what server you need.
Overall you'll want to have about 60 megabytes of space depending on how much pages that you want to build to,full statistics reporting and most importingly 24 hour service without having server down.
If your site are down,you'll be losing money every second it's offline.

3)Designing Your Website

Today, you don't have have to know much about htlm coding in order to design your website.Programs like Microsoft's FrontPage let you create without you need to know your tags from your tables.If you able to use Word,there should be no problem in creating your website.
In case you even don't know how to use Word then you can somehow hire professional designer to do it for you.

4)Creating Body/Content

People who visit your site will only revisit your site if they found your content interesting.If your site doesn't have good content,you're going to struggle to attract people and links,and you wont't be able to persuade anyone to come back to your site.
Having the rigth content will generate good revenues with's also crusial to the relationship you have with Google's indexing mechanism.Remember google will always provide the web user with the best search results for the terms they are seeking.So don't ever play with dirty things with google.
If you are providing good content,your website will have greater possiblelity of having your search results come up higher on the page

The most efficient way to create your content is ofcourse to write it yourself.Start with a subject that you like and if can pour your heart out when writing the topics.

5)SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Once you've done, you must have to let people know that you're there.One best ways to do this is to get your website in order of high-ranking in a search engine.
There a lots of different search engine out there but only three that mostly important:Yahoo,Google and MSN.In order to have a good search result in search engine you must work a little bit hard especially in winning your competitor in term of keyword phares
but there are also shortcut for you to get your website as high on rankings as possible.There are plenty of companies which will make submissions for you and they'll even optimize your site well.

4)Final step

Once you've done with your site that generate high traffic,you're in the step of making m0ney with adsense.Make sure you read all program policies before applying adsense account.

Have a nice day^^.

Let say this competitor is selling the same product at the same price to the same target audience; therefore, both of you are bidding on the same keywords?

Then you should ask this question: How do you make your advertising campaigns perform better than those of your competitor?
I'm going to skip a lengthy discussion on marketing and sales, but instead I will
outline a few factors that make a winner in the "AdWords game".

Here are some basic tips on AdWords game:

● Your ads need to rank as high as possible on the list; above your competition,
if possible.
● You need to pay as little as possible for each click, while ranking high.
● Your targeting must be as strict and narrow as possible.
● You need good ad copy to attract the "right" audience.
● Your ads must have high CTR.
● You need high conversion ratio.
● Your site must sell better than your competitor's site.

there you go ^^.

Here are some more tips on your adsense that you should know.Whatever keyword you may use or regardless of the markets that you are in, the vast majority of your traffic will
come from the 3- to 5-word keyword phrases you select rather than from your 1-
and 2-word "root keyword".Basically more keyword phrases that you are targeting on your site the more traffic you will have.More people don't know this and thus just ignore this valuable tips.

If you're going into the "Forex Trading" market, you will get more traffic from
keyword phrases like "Free Forex Expert Advisors” or "free forex indicators" than from something like “Forex Trading”.

The secret for more traffic is to aim your website pages (title tags and content) to
keyword phrases. To find the best keyword phrases you may use or overture keyword suggestion tool here:

Later i'll discuss on how to triple your traffic juice.^^.

What do you know about autoresponder?
An autoresponder is an email system that allows you to tell it what emails to send out and when.In other words it is Sequential automated email system.

You may write emails you want it to send,tell it the timeframe to send each email out,then you get people to either send a blank email to your autoresponders email address,complete a form on your site or click on a button that automatically sends your email address to the responder which starts the sequence.

The nice thing about autoresponder is that it works for you 24 hours and the bad thing about autoresponder is that it is much more like "stupid email system".It can capture name,locations and other information,which then can be used in your responder to personalize emails to thousands of people.

Later i'll talk more about how personalizing emails to people that will increase your sales ratios.
You may also ask why you should use an autoresponder.(for noob)

We discuss this later.^^

Hi,today i will share some the basic thing on how to make your new site/blog get indexed fast in search engine.
The best way to get indexed and crawled by search engine bots is by getting links from other websites that are already indexed in the search engines. Then when the search engine bots will crawl the site that is pointing to your site it will notice the link to your site and after a few days will start crawling your site and pages.

There are a lot of ways to get links from other sites and I will mention a few below:

1) Link exchange with other websites that are on the same theme as your
site (link exchange done wrong can get your site ban by search engines)
2) You can submit your sites to search engine friendly directories.
3) You can write articles and submit them toy article directories
4) You can use companies that their expert is linking for example

There are a lot of other ways to gain links to your sites, the above are very easy
to use and implement. Of course you can outsource the link building tasks if you,
as i do!
Links is one of the most important things to get to the top of the search engines,
if done correctly.^^.

Here you should know that there are many tips and tricks that you can use to improve your profitability with Adsense, but it is never a good idea to get too far away from the basics either(I told you seriusly).

For that reason, I have included here some of the more general aspects of
using Adsense in order to maximizing its overall effectiveness.

Do you realize that when your contents are changes, so do your ads.
The technology behind Google AdSense goes beyond simple keyword or
category matching.In essence, they try to understand your content and deliver
ads that are relevant to specific pages, automatically, no matter how many
thousands of pages your site may have, or how specialized or broad your
content. With that being the case, as your content changes, Google's ads change
to match.

What that means to you is that if you go changing your content too much; do not
be surprised if the ads change as well.
And while many people complain about Google, they do offer some very useful
safeguards which you may want to explore:
Below I lists some guides for you:

1)Competitive ad filters. You can block competitive ads, or other ads you
want to keep off your site, simply by telling them which URLs to block.

2) Ad Review. Before ads appear on your site, they're reviewed using a
combination of human and automated processes. The review process
takes into account a variety of factors, including the quality of the ad and
whether it's suitable for all audiences.

3)Sensitive content filters. At times, certain ads may be inappropriate for
some pages. For example, Google automatically filters out ads that would
be inappropriate on a news page about a catastrophic event.

4)Choose your own default ads. In the unlikely event that Google is unable
to serve targeted ads on your page, they offer you the option of displaying
a default ad of your choice. This ensures that your advertising space is
always being used as effectively as possible.

p/s:you may refer to this link about how to change your Competitive ad filters^^.

1#Get Rid of Low Paying / Irrelevant Ads

Google does “smart-pricing” on your account that controls the money you get per click. If you see totally irrelevant ads on your page, you could block some of the URLs.

1) First of all log on to your account

2)Click on your "Adsense Setup tab"

3)Click on “Competitive Ad Filter” link

(4) Enter the list of URLs in the “AdSense for Content filters” text area. Use Adsense Channels and google adsense preview tool to find out low paying ads on your web page.Download here list of low paying keyword

(5) Save Changes


(6) You'll see the effect in few days ^^

2#Put Less Ads / Less Links

The very big mistake that almost publishers done is to put the max adsense ads to their site.My advice to you all guy to use only 1 or 2 ad blocks. 336 x 280 Large Rectangle ads on the top
left of the page works bested get reduced.
Since this was for me.
Don't give too many links to the other sites. (I'm still doing that mistake - eventually I'll correct).
Chances of getting your ads clicka short tip, I'll add few “general' tips most of the Adsense Publishers already know and in case you don't know.

(1) Don't click on your own ads
(2) Make borders and background the same color as your website
(3) Use link color that stands out on your page
(4) Add more quality content with good related keywords
(5) Learn how google adwords work. You'll get pretty good idea how adsense displays ads and how you could make MORE m0ney.

That's it friend !