Why ping??As you all know every search engines will send their spider to your site on a regular basis. They make a schedule to visits your website based on the size of your website and how often it appears to be updated.Thus it very important to updated your site at least 2 times a day. However, if you want to send a message to them letting them know you have updated your site, then you can do something called “pinging.” Pinging, in this context, is simply sending a code string to the search engines which says “hey come look at my site again, it’s updated, and I want it indexed again.”

All you have to do to ping the search engines is to go to a ping website, enter the URL of your blog, check the boxes of where you want to ping (generally do all of them) and then click “Ping.” It really is that simple and quick. You can check this out

-Put your title,blog URL and XML feed(if you're use blogspot then your URL feed would be like this http://your URL and click go pingout.Easy right!!

I advisable you to ping each time you update your blog, or each week at least. This makes sure your site is getting crawl by the search engines and make it being indexed as fast as possible.^^.

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