Hi,today i will share some the basic thing on how to make your new site/blog get indexed fast in search engine.
The best way to get indexed and crawled by search engine bots is by getting links from other websites that are already indexed in the search engines. Then when the search engine bots will crawl the site that is pointing to your site it will notice the link to your site and after a few days will start crawling your site and pages.

There are a lot of ways to get links from other sites and I will mention a few below:

1) Link exchange with other websites that are on the same theme as your
site (link exchange done wrong can get your site ban by search engines)
2) You can submit your sites to search engine friendly directories.
3) You can write articles and submit them toy article directories
4) You can use companies that their expert is linking for example

There are a lot of other ways to gain links to your sites, the above are very easy
to use and implement. Of course you can outsource the link building tasks if you,
as i do!
Links is one of the most important things to get to the top of the search engines,
if done correctly.^^.

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