Use the high PR sites below to get their backlink.

1. (PR8)
2. (PR8)
3. (PR7)
4. (PR7)
5. (PR7)
6. (PR9)

i.e: (PR8)

1)join digg

2)log in and click Submit New.Paste your URL site or blog.

3)Fill in the information that require about your article and click submit.Whoever that attracted to your article
will read through the article and will probably visited your site.They'll digg your article if they like it.More digg you get
they more possibility your article will shown at the first page.

Don't forget to put your keyword at "story title" and "story description".Choose the right category,fill the captcha word and click submit
By doing this first you'll get the backlink from that have PR8 and secondly you'll also get visitor who like your submitted story

4)Story Comment
This method will also help you to get backlink from digg.Give your comment on the story that was submitted last year(356 days) as shown below.

5)Don't forget to paste along your URL at the end of your comment and remember don't ever do SPAM.You may also add more friends on digg and always participate on their discussion. (PR8)

You also can register at and submit your URL to reddit that have Page Rank(PR)8.Make sure to put your keyword at title.

Do the same technic for (PR6),, (PR9) and

Do it yourself^^.

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