1#Get Rid of Low Paying / Irrelevant Ads

Google does “smart-pricing” on your account that controls the money you get per click. If you see totally irrelevant ads on your page, you could block some of the URLs.

1) First of all log on to your account

2)Click on your "Adsense Setup tab"

3)Click on “Competitive Ad Filter” link

(4) Enter the list of URLs in the “AdSense for Content filters” text area. Use Adsense Channels and google adsense preview tool to find out low paying ads on your web page.Download here list of low paying keyword

(5) Save Changes


(6) You'll see the effect in few days ^^

2#Put Less Ads / Less Links

The very big mistake that almost publishers done is to put the max adsense ads to their site.My advice to you all guy to use only 1 or 2 ad blocks. 336 x 280 Large Rectangle ads on the top
left of the page works bested get reduced.
Since this was for me.
Don't give too many links to the other sites. (I'm still doing that mistake - eventually I'll correct).
Chances of getting your ads clicka short tip, I'll add few “general' tips most of the Adsense Publishers already know and in case you don't know.

(1) Don't click on your own ads
(2) Make borders and background the same color as your website
(3) Use link color that stands out on your page
(4) Add more quality content with good related keywords
(5) Learn how google adwords work. You'll get pretty good idea how adsense displays ads and how you could make MORE m0ney.

That's it friend !

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