Affiliate programs are a great way for merchants and Webmasters to generate revenue from their Web sites. Affiliate programs work -- serious affiliates make a significant monthly income from their efforts.

But Webmasters and merchants participating in affiliate programs often face administrative and legal issues. For example: Are my referrals tracked accurately? Will I get paid on time?Will I get paid at all? And most important: Will the company stay in business?

We have to realize that Internet companies offering affiliate programs are like any other businesses: The majority of Internet startups will not be in business past the next 24 months.
Affiliate programs are a numbers game. To become profitable, business models that depend on taking a small cut out of every commission transaction paid by the merchant to an affiliate must generate huge sales volumes.

This is one of the reasons no large affiliate technology
providers have shown figures in the black, but are burning through cash generated by public stock offers or venture capital funding. Most likely we’ll soon see the first affiliate technology provider close its doors.

Is there a need to worry? Not really. Companies with a solid business model, a professional operation, and sustainable margins will always survive. But if you are looking for long-term revenue and residual income, how do you know which companies operate under strong enough business models to stay in business? The five issues covered below will help you answer this and related questions about potential affiliates programs.

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What Are Affiliate Programs?

So what is an affiliate program??Affiliate programs (also called "associate," "reseller," and "partnership" programs) are revenue-sharing systems used by companies to market their products and services.

The company with which you partner supplies the products and services and handles order fulfilment. You supply the marketing. And, you get paid for sending customers to your partner’s Web site. In essence, affiliate programs are a simple way to create and maintain online joint venture and reseller relationships while paying only for results.

The primary reason that affiliate programs are so popular is that they are easy to join. In most cases, they’re also free. All quality affiliate programs provide you with marketing material such as banner ads, graphics, sales letters, and, most importantly, a guide on how to best market their products and services.

Google determines the content of the ads that are shown, webmasters serious
about earning revenue from Google AdSense can use the following guidelines to
optimize their website and ensure that targeted and relevant ads are served.

If Google's spider has not crawled the site and determined the nature of the
content, public service ads may be served. Public service ads will not accrue any
AdSense revenue if clicked.

As a result Google allows webmasters to designate alternate ads. Alternate ads allow webmasters to utilize the ad space in the event that Google is unable to serve targeted ads to the web page. By specifying an alternate image, HTML page, or ad server the advertising space can always being used effectively.

1.) Web page content on pages that ads are served should be static not

2.) Ensure that the robot.txt does not prevent the web page from being
spidered. Robots.txt file's will need to be removed or the following text will need
to bedded to allow Google's content bot to crawl the site: User-agent: Media
partners - Google

3.) If the website contains frames, select the ‘framed page’ checkbox when
generating the ad layout code for that website.

4.) The body of the page and title of the page should contain contextual words
that indicate a common theme on the web page.

The first name which comes to everyone while talking about PPC Program is Google adsense. It is by far is the most popular contextual advertising program used by publishers worldwide. It has variety of revenue generating programs starting from Pay per click ads, adsense for search, referrals for Firefox with Google toolbar, Picassa, Google Pack. But does everyone earn a lot from it? Many think that just copying and pasting the adsense code will fetch a huge amount of money,
but that’s a mistake. There are some effective tips to increase Google Adsense CTR.
The following optimization tips can help you increase your Google Adsense dollars:

1> Make sure the ads that are appearing on your site are closely related with your
content. For doing this create open topic one page, use your keywords in page title, also check your keyword rich content and then mark some of your keywords as bold or italic.

2> Increase your keyword density. If you use the proper keyword density in your content, you will attract more targeted ads. Your visitors are far more likely to click on a relevant ad. Targeted ads usually pay more per click too.

3> Use Online Keyword research tools like Overture Keyword Tool, Google Keyword
Research Tool and You can also try the free trial of Word Tracker and if you like, pay for the service. Other excellent paid keyword research tools include NicheBot and KeywordElite.

4> Use wide ads (336x280, 300x250 or 250x250). Because there are the best performing

5> No Border ads. One of the best ways is to erase the borders of Adsense ads and make them merge with the website’s background color.

6> You can embed your Adsense ads in your content. You should surround the ads with
the content of the page. This is where your visitors will be looking, so you should also give them ads to read and maybe click on if they're interested.

7 > Place an image near your ads because user tends to look at this section.

8> Rotate Google Adsense Ads Colors to Reduce Ad Blindness. To prevent regular users
from ignoring the ads, you can officially rotate up to 4 different types of color palettes for your adsense ads. When you are selecting the color scheme for the adsense ads, press the Ctrl key, scroll up or down with the arrow keys and select multiple color schemes with the SPACE bar.

9> Track your ads. Google gives you up to the ability to track ads by web page or by the type of ads displayed. They give you up to 200 custom channels for you to use.
Experiment with different ad types and positions to see which suites best.

10>Use the Adsense for search box. It's always a good idea to give your visitors the ability to search your site. If you use Adsense’s search box, you would be paid for visitors who click on the ads in the search results page.

11>Do not rely on one website. The more sites you have, the more ads have the potential to get clicked.

12>Use site maps. Use Google's site map. It visits your site and will crawl it much sooner that any other submission process.