Google determines the content of the ads that are shown, webmasters serious
about earning revenue from Google AdSense can use the following guidelines to
optimize their website and ensure that targeted and relevant ads are served.

If Google's spider has not crawled the site and determined the nature of the
content, public service ads may be served. Public service ads will not accrue any
AdSense revenue if clicked.

As a result Google allows webmasters to designate alternate ads. Alternate ads allow webmasters to utilize the ad space in the event that Google is unable to serve targeted ads to the web page. By specifying an alternate image, HTML page, or ad server the advertising space can always being used effectively.

1.) Web page content on pages that ads are served should be static not

2.) Ensure that the robot.txt does not prevent the web page from being
spidered. Robots.txt file's will need to be removed or the following text will need
to bedded to allow Google's content bot to crawl the site: User-agent: Media
partners - Google

3.) If the website contains frames, select the ‘framed page’ checkbox when
generating the ad layout code for that website.

4.) The body of the page and title of the page should contain contextual words
that indicate a common theme on the web page.

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