Affiliate programs are a great way for merchants and Webmasters to generate revenue from their Web sites. Affiliate programs work -- serious affiliates make a significant monthly income from their efforts.

But Webmasters and merchants participating in affiliate programs often face administrative and legal issues. For example: Are my referrals tracked accurately? Will I get paid on time?Will I get paid at all? And most important: Will the company stay in business?

We have to realize that Internet companies offering affiliate programs are like any other businesses: The majority of Internet startups will not be in business past the next 24 months.
Affiliate programs are a numbers game. To become profitable, business models that depend on taking a small cut out of every commission transaction paid by the merchant to an affiliate must generate huge sales volumes.

This is one of the reasons no large affiliate technology
providers have shown figures in the black, but are burning through cash generated by public stock offers or venture capital funding. Most likely we’ll soon see the first affiliate technology provider close its doors.

Is there a need to worry? Not really. Companies with a solid business model, a professional operation, and sustainable margins will always survive. But if you are looking for long-term revenue and residual income, how do you know which companies operate under strong enough business models to stay in business? The five issues covered below will help you answer this and related questions about potential affiliates programs.

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